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About Earth Angel energies

At Earth Angel Energies, we believe in the power of community to heal and uplift each other as we work towards our highest potential.

Your Journey Begins Here.

Are you ready to step out of the shadows and bring your soul's purpose to light?

“Joy is inside you, not in attainment of things desired, nor in the achievement of goals made, but 
in the simple feeling that lies within you. Know that this joy is unaffected by outer circumstance
, and joy will be forever yours.” – Buddha

At Earth Angel Energies, we believe in the power of community to heal and uplift each other as we work towards our highest potential.

Our Story

Discover Our Journey and Commitment to Healing Earth

Wherever you are on your life’s path, this is your starting point to uncovering truth, passion, and a conscious connection to your soul.

The Path

The Path

Are you on your own personal healing and spiritual journey looking to be seen and heard?



Larn more about holistic healing and know there is a better way to achieve wellness



Join other professional in alternative medicine or a holistic healing practitioners



Are you ready to receive your unique gifts and modalities?

Mission Statement

Wee Seek To Empower All Beings On Earth

We are being called, today, to recognize our oneness with the Earth and with all other beings. This sense of oneness, however, based on our origin from a common divine Source, has to move beyond the level of concept into a way of life that cares for the Earth and for others on a daily basis.

Space For Healing

We are a safe and sacred haven where you can find renewed focus, illumination and liberation.


Awaken to your destiny surrounded by loving, mindful souls who are on the same and journey.

Education & Learning

Learn ancient wisdom, spiritual tech and energetic modalities to heal and find freedom and success!


Trust and Security

Your Business Privacy Is Our Priority For Secure Data

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Legal Business Trusted

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Meet Our Team

Get to Know The Staff at Earth Angel Energies

Darren Lachapelle

Founder & Healer

Highly powerful and professional but extremely laid back and approachable he’s mastered both light and dark energies within himself including integration he’s able to surrender himself to Source and is a wonderful conduit for the Divine. Working with Darren is a very relaxed and powerful experience that gives you a truly unique perspective on your own life and provides the blueprint for your spiritual and personal development.

He is also certified in Reiki Usui Holy II through the Canadian Reiki Association and combines that in his protection and clearing of the space to ensure of no infiltration in any session.

No matter where you are in your journey whether you are completely new, have just woken up, or well versed in spirituality Darren will provide the absolute best care for you and your ascension journey. Having worked with everyone from normal everyday folks to professionals in various fields including spirituality, mental health and psychotherapist practitioners, and experiencers all of which he has not only a wealth of direct experience but overcome them as well. Many blessings

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Alexandra Lara

Founder & Healer

With a background marketing, Alex has had the privilege of being exposed to a variety of ideas, people, perspectives and more. This led her to connecting with Access Consciousness and taking a 5-day class with one of their facilitators. Alex got her first experience with energy work through Access Consciousness – getting to know the body, energy centers and tapping into her own power. It was through this class that she had a spontaneous kundalini awakening, which would put her on a trajectory to be on her own spiritual journey.

Alex is a heart-connected energy worker who has cultivated an energetic awareness and intuition. She has always been naturally in-tune with the world around her – humans, plants, animals, and Gaia itself. Alex is Reiki certified for Usui Shiki Rhyoho (Levels 1,2, and 3) where and she has received all 3 attunements and went through the necessary purification process. She has always had a profound respect for the healing process, and creates a space that is safe and supportive.

Additionally, Alex is a disciple of the Divine Feminine mysteries and she is undergoing priestess training through the Magdalene Rose Temple. As a disciple of the Divine Feminine mysteries, she is a Creatrix who serves the Goddess, Sophia – mother. Her vision is to assist other humans with the ability to tap into the source of their own power, sovereignty and self-healing potential.